Hometown Cable
Building the Identity


Hometown Cable is a fiber-to-the-home provider in the Coldwater, Ohio and St. Henry, Ohio areas. We offer a wide variety of telecommunications services from phone, television, and Internet. For additional information on the services we offer, please visit the appropriate pages using the navigation menu to the left or call our office at 419-678-4090 to talk with one of our friendly, helpful representatives.

We are proud to announce that we have added 2 new channels to our Digital Supreme (and above) packages

Channel 281 - CBS Sports
Channel 681 - CBS Sports HD

Channel 282 - MAV TV
Channel 682 - MAV TV HD

Sign into WatchTVEverywhere (included with your Hometown Cable Subscription) below! Other content will be added in the future providing more content from your favorite cable channels!

New feature for cable subscribers!

Recently added ESPN, ESPNU, and ESPN2 to our WTVE lineup!!!

1. Click on the picture above.
2. Select NKTelco, Inc. as your service provider.
3. Click Register.
4. Complete "Subscriber Validation" and "New User Information". Your account number should be in CATV-XXX-XXXX format.
5. Click Register.
6. Click Create Account (up to 4 users may be added under on CATV account).
7. You will receive an activation email.
8. Click on the link in the email received from Watch TV Everywhere.
9. Your account is now activated.